The increasing strain of the reformation process is taking its toll on Nor as he struggles to keep his hunger for the enforcer in check. Lash is a cold, controlled wolf, and Nor's begun to wonder if he has any feelings at all. When the Full Moon Run raises everyone's passions to the heights of their wolfish capacities, the enforcer struggles to keep the equal tides of his passion for the rogue wolf in check. Can he fight the force magnetizing them to one another? Is he willing to risk everything to explore the defiant wolf?

A sensuous and thorough erotic romance.

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  • shapeshifter werewolf shifter romance steamy romance alpha male BDSM paranormal romance witches dystopian paranormal romance fantasy
    Language: English / Published: 15 January 2015


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    Purveyors of finely crafted lores of love, desire, adventure and intrigue.


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